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A Little History!

Ceilings4U Inc. located in the Toronto, Canada area were equal rivals to Entol Industries when an opportunity presented itself when the director of Entol decided to retire and discontinued U.S. operations in 2015. Ceilings4U Inc an Entol Legacy by Castle Access Panels and Forms Inc was born.

Since its beginning in 1971, Entol has been a pioneer, and recognized leader in the design, production and marketing of architectural ceilings, mouldings and ornament. In 1984 Entol introduced its award-winning Venezia™ ceiling system which became the foundation of the acclaimed Beaux-Arts Group. The industries acceptance of Entol’s works is largely due to its casting innovation, dedication to detail, value engineering and craftsmanship.

In 2015 Castle Access Panels and Forms Inc purchased the assets of Entol and moved the business to Toronto, Canada and rebranded the company into Ceilings4U Inc. An innovative approach to GRG plaster ceiling tiles above the rest!

What We Do!

Every ceiling tile manufactured by Ceilings4U with its intricately elegant design can be installed into any standard 15/16” T- Bar grid or 9/16” grid system upon request. Choose from over 300 unique design patterns that include Nu-Vues (coffered) equivalent to USG-Cadre, Quorum (open-cell) equivalent to USG-Quadra and Armstrong-Metaphors, Avant-Grade (custom designs), Art Carved (mouldings) and Hybrid Grid Covers (T-bar covers) a first in the industry, all patterns ranging from 24×24, 30×30, 36×36 and 48×48 available in all shapes in paint grade or woodgrain finishes.

Ceilings4U GRG/GFRG Plaster Ceiling Tiles are prefabricated from inorganic materials using high density gypsum, free of resin and asbestos, reinforced with chopped strand and surface vail glass fiber. No additives such as retardants, accelerators or polymers are permitted in our design mixture. Ceiling4U components shall be reinforced with steel or wood for preventing our tiles from sagging or warping. Our process uses a lightweight post-consumer recycled glass bead aggregate which makes our unique product LEED Rated V4 suitable and a recyclable ceiling system, and are easily tailored and installed on site for downlights and recessed lighting, around vents as well as sprinklers. All tiles have a Class A fire rating ASTM E-84-94 for Flame Spread and Smoke Index. Ceilings4U produces a first class product where each ceiling tile is manufactured with special attention to detail to ensure the accuracy and meticulousness of our design is maintained.

Whether you have a refined idea or nothing more than a rough sketch, we work with you and bring your project to life. We utilize a variety of design and manufacturing technologies from 3D scanning, computer modelling, 3D printing and CNC machining our patterns to ensure precise accuracy and offer expert advice on how to go about creating your custom project.

Ceilings4U ceiling tiles have been THE choice in various prodigious locations such as hotels, casinos, stadiums, luxury high-end stores, restaurants, conventions centers and government buildings located within North America nationwide as well as internationally. Our manufacturing facility in North America is proficient in producing multiple sized projects for anywhere in the world.