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A Grand Florentine Flourish

  • SIZE

    30" x 30''


    # 27860

Featuring rich ornamentation, and subtle colours and gilded highlights, the luxury and magnificence of a bygone era have been captured intact and abundantly expressed in the Village ceiling system.
Tales of Renaissance splendour and the lifestyle of Florentine aristocrats are portrayed in each elegant hand crafted element. The palatial feeling and generous detail have enhanced private homes and graceful public spaces throughout the world.

And like all Ceilings4U ceiling systems, Villagio is easily installed in standard suspended grid systems that are familiar to ceiling contractors anywhere in the world.

Cross Section

Edge Details

Reveal Edge (RE)
project below suspension grid.



Villagio Lay-In Coffer Panel:
Size: 30” x 30”
# 27860

Plain Panel Insert:
Size: 16” x 16”
# 27820

Villagio Rosette Panel Insert:
Size: 16” x 16”
# 27862

Addison Carved Panel Insert:
Size: 16” x 16”
# 27861

Villagio Truncated Panel:
Size: 30” x 30”
# 27867


Villagio Wood Grid Cover:
# 5217

Villagio Carved Corner Boss 2 way:
# 27863
Villagio Carved Perimeter Boss 3 way:
# 27864
Villagio Carved Field Boss 4 way:
# 27865

Villagio Carved Y Field Boss 3 way:
# 27866

Villagio Carved Final:
# 27744
Villagio Carved Rosette:
# 27745


Each hand-crafted element can be custom finished to reflect the individual desires of each fortunate owner. Villagio. The legacy lives on.

Standard Level 5 Finish
Latex primer color: soft satin white

Faux-finish available
Gold & Silver Leaf available
Metallic paint finish available

All finishes are certified completely fire safe with modern materials.


Download Resources

➡ Download sheet information (Click here to download PDF)
➡ Download general specifications (Click here to download PDF)

➡ Download drawings send a request at: (PDF and Auto CAD files available)

Planning Component Drawings

Planning Component drawings are available in PDF or DWG files upon request at:

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Free quarter sample are available upon request at: or use the form here.