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HYB-Grid products will make your space look beautiful

Ceilings4U offers an innovative method of covering Metal T-Bar Grids in hardwood and gypsum moldings that are pre-engineered and precision cut to offer the warmth and classic elegance that are the key to prestigious ceilings. Reducing labor with our value engineered process.

HYB-Grid represents craftsmanship that reflects the nostalgic past most often identified with traditional millwork. Ceiling grid covers snap onto an existing grid to add a coffered look without redoing the entire ceiling. HYB-Grid creates a geometric three-dimensional beam and panel appearance. Our components offer both Coffer Ceiling Tiles, Inlay Acoustical Panels (by others) and Decorative Grid Cover, they are available in either Traditional Woodgrain or Modern (straight) Linear Gypsum designs.

Easily installed into 15/16″ HD T-grid. The Ceiling Tile Coffer System is 100% accessible.

Available in Hardwood & Gypsum Cast Linear and Components
Three different components are needed to complete the ceiling.
6′ Main Grid Covers, 6′ Wall Molding Covers and 2′ Grid Covers
May contribute to LEED® projects
FINISHES: Latex Primer & Finish Coat, Class-A Varnish, or Stained to match
Combination of Hardwood and Class A Fire Rated Gypsum or Fire Rated MDF
Nominal 2′ x 2′, 4′ x 4′; Coffers are installed using 15/16″
heavy-duty T-grid
• Lays in to HD 15/16” T-bar grid for 100% accessibility
• Coffer has clean lines with contemporary profile
• Grid cover is simple and allows for field cutting