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GFRG Product Data

Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum
(for interior applications)

1 Manufacturers:

Entol Mfg. North America, Inc.
117 Oakdale Rd
Toronto, ON CANADA M3N 1W2
Phone: (416) 676-9301

2 Samples and Submittals:

Submittals are to included, but not limited to, product data, MSDS and shop drawings. Drawings will include for verification of dimensions, profiles and surrounding construction. Recommended installation methods will also be included.

3 Materials:

Entol Mfg. North America, Inc. units shall be prefabricated with high-density gypsum, reinforced with continuous random filament glass fiber mat and structural reinforcing as required per ASTM C1381 and ASTM C1355.

  1. Glass Content: 5 to 6 percent by weight
  2. Density: 103 to 112 pcf
  3. Shell Thickness: 1/4 to 3/8-inch (6 to 10 mm) nominal
  4. Flammability: Flame Spread Index of 0 (Per ASTM E84 and ASTM E136)
    Smoke Development Index of 0 (Per ASTM E84 and ASTM E135)
  5. Flexural Strength: 3000-4000 PSI (Per ASTM C947)
  6. Compressive Strength: 7600 PSI
  7. Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion per ASTM D696
  8. Humidified Deflection: 1/8” (3 mm) (Per ASTM C473)
  9. Hardness (Barcol) No Less Than 75 (Per ASTM D2583)
  10. Impact Resistance 8.0 ft.-lb./in.2 (Per ASTM D256)

4 Tolerances:

Dimensional – all directions +/- 1/8”
Thickness – skin +/- 1/8”
Thickness – total unit +/- 1/8”
Warpage or bowing +/- 1/16” per ft.
Draft Angle: 3 degrees, minimum, on returns, setbacks, revels, and grooves.

5 Fabrication:

  1. Mix: GFRG is batched and blended in accordance with ASTM 1355 using the specified mix design.
  2. Application: GFRG mixture is hand applied into approved molds that correspond with the approved shop drawings. GFRG is then removed from the molds and placed into jigs until cured. Product is then labeled corresponding to the approved shop drawings.
  3. Finish: GFRG surface is a level four equivalent finish ready to receive primer and paint.

6 Delivery, Storage & Handling:

  1. Delivery: GFRG units are to be crated, palletized or loaded onto the delivery truck at the plant. Product is delivered to the jobsite per project requirements.
  2. Storage: Store GFRG on a level surface protected from weather, moisture and damage. Product must be appropriately stored until installation.
  3. Handling: GFRG must be handled to prevent damage to finished surfaces.


Last rev. June 2019.